Qxpress Notice
Switching to The New Version of SKU Management 2023-05-08 오후 6:14:32

Dear customers, 
※ The change originally scheduled for May 16th will be changed to June 15th.
(Korea - June 15, other countries - May 22)

From June 22, 2023, The new version of SKU managment, which was only available to some new users, will be applied to all users. (and older version will not be available any longer.)

The new SKU managment feature includes the following changes:

- Multi-option items are managed by product and belonging options. You should register the product first and add options to it.
- An option generator which make registering options quick and convenient, is introduced.
- Batch editiig/sharing of multiple product is supported. 

For information on how to register and manage product/options using new vesion of SKU management feature, please refer to the guide in link below:

Thank you.