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  • Smart Delivery Service

    Qxpress' Smart Delivery service provides the optimized cross boarder trade delivery service for the parcels from E-commerce market. Moreover, Qxpress operates in-housed domestic delivery service within Singapore, Korea, Japan, Malaysia and India. With the Qxpress' Smart Delivery solution based on the systematic and specialized AI and statistics data mining, our customers can be more competitive in every part of E-commerce business circle including reducing delivery time and the cost.

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  • Fulfillment Service

    With warehouses based on the South East Asia's main hub, Qxpress operates warehousing, delivery, product packaging services through QWMS (Qxpress Warehouse Management System).

    Qxpress provides variety fields of integrated logistics service to strengthen the core competencies of E-commerce seller and to secure the competitiveness with the high quality of shipping service. In addition, Qxpress operates hub centers in the key markets in South-East Asia such as Singapore, Korea and Japan to provide optimized QFS (Qxpress Fulfillment Service) to our customers. Also, with the warehouse operation management agency, Qxpress is able to provide better performance of shipping service.

    Global e-commerce logistics firm Qxpress is providing an overall logistics procedure from warehouse storage, pick and pack management, delivery, inventory management to customer service, in a One Stop Service base on the accumulated experience in Qoo10 international shipping service. Furthermore, Qxpress have established solid foundation that can maximize the service competitiveness of E-commerce products.

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  • Qxpress Cargo Shipping

    Qxpress’ Smart Cargo Shipping service supports the full spectrum of your import/export business. From huge paperwork for customs to last-mile delivery at your destination, Qxpress will be your trustworthy business partner.

    Qxpress makes the process simple through Smart Cargo Shipping service. Qxpress will be handling with the entire process including the customs related documents work and insurance claim for the accident on behalf of our customers as the business partner. We will be offering Qxpress Route Solution, exploring the most reasonable prices and routes, and global marine & air logistics network to help our customers’ success in their businesses.

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  • Qtrading

    Qxpress run a business that deputizes overall sales service of the seller's product from product registration, marketing, promotion to logistics agency service, in order to provide easier abroad global sales to sellers who are new to import and export of E-commerce goods or sellers who are having difficulty with the process.

  • Qservice

    Qxpress has established and consulted IT Platform for the courier service providers based on the know-how of logistics services, that is accumulated from being the partner of Qoo10 E-commerce logistics service for many years. Additionally, Qxpress operates IT Cloud service business, the web-based software server that is available with any devices such as computer or mobile, within the utility data server on the internet.