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QXPRESS regards protection of customer information as very important. Based on the legislations of Korea, it is observing related laws and regulations including, but not limited to, the Personal Information Protection Act and the Act on Promotion of Information and Communications Network Utilization and Information Protection, etc. By publicly announcing its Personal Information Processing Policy, QXPRESS publicly announces for what purpose and in what way the information provided by the customers are being used and what measures are being taken in order to protect personal information.

  • 1. Items of Personal Information to be Collected and Purpose of Collection and Use

    QXPRESS collects and uses the minimum customer information necessary for the purposes of collection and use by the means of homepage, phones, e-mails, etc. The items of personal information to be collected and the purposes of collection and use are as described below:

    1) Provision of delivery service

    Category Items to be Collected Purpose of Collection and Use
    Delivery service [Required] Name, phone number and address of senders/recipients - Contract for provision of delivery service
    - Delivery of goods
    - Payment of delivery charge
    - Handling of and compensation for accidents in delivery
    Reservation for international delivery(homepage) [Required] Name, contact number (mobile phone number or telephone number), address and personal customs clearance number (information necessary in the customs clearance process)

    2) Counseling

    Category Items to be Collected Purpose of Collection and Use
    E-mail counseling [Optional]Name, contact number and e-mail - Identification at the time of customer counseling/suggestion
    - Communication and notice for confirmation of facts
    - Introduction to the contents of processing
    1:1 inquiry (Chat counseling – only for Korea)

    3) Mobile app service

    Category Items to be Collected Purpose of Collection and Use
    Installation of applications [Required]Mobile phone number and serial number of mobile devices - Identification and classification of customers
    - Provision of information for using parcel delivery service (tracking of delivery, reservation for delivery, etc.) and transmission of push messages
    Reservation of parcel delivery service (Qdelivery) [Required]Name, phone number and address of senders/recipients - Provision of parcel delivery service reservation service

    4) Marketing & Events

    Category Items to be Collected Purpose of Collection and Use
    Service use and event information [Optional]Personal ID card information: company name, name, company address, email, mobile phone number, use of our service
    - Customer ID, access date, subscription date, IP address
    - Providing convenience to customers
    - Guide to using the service
    - event introduction
    - marketing use

    5) Others

    Information on access IP address, date and time of service use, record of service use, record of computer abuse, etc. may be automatically generated and collected in the process of service use.

  • 2. Period for Retaining and Use and Method of Destruction of Personal Information

    QXPRESS immediately destroy the relevant personal information when the purpose of collection of personal information has been achieved: Provided, that in the event of falling under the following reasons, QXPRESS may retain the whole or part of the collected information:
    1) Where a separate consent has been received after notifying in advance the retaining period; or
    2) Where preservation of such information for a certain period is prescribed in the legislation.

    Items to be Preserved Retaining Period Ground Legislation
    Storage of transaction record and evidentiary documents 5 years Framework Act on National Taxes
    Record on contract or cancellation of order, payment of purchase price and supply of goods, etc. 5 years Act on the Consumer Protection in Electronic Commerce, etc.
    Record on handling of consumer complaints/disputes 3 years
    Record on service calls 3 months Protection of Communications Secrets Act
    Records on display / advertising 6 months Act on the consumer protection in electronic commerce, etc.
    Log records such as the user’s internet/data to track the user’s access location and other communication confirmation data 3 months/12 months Protection of communications secrets act

    3) Destruction of personal information
    QXPRESS selects personal information for which the cause of destruction has occurred and destroy such information in the following methods:
    ① Personal information printed on the paper: shredding by shredder or incineration
    ② Personal information stored as electronic files: Deletion by using the technical method such that the records cannot be reproduced

  • 3. Outsourcing Personal Information Processing

    QXPRESS is outsourcing personal information processing work as below in order to provide smooth and efficient service:

    Contents of Outsourced Work Applied NationOutsourced Companies
    Outsourced handling of international shipping business TaiwanHCT, TW FamilyMart, TW Post,ECMS
    MalaysiaDHLeC MY, Wahana, Pos Laju, SKYNET
    United StatesDHLeC US, UPS
    SingaporeNinjavan, Shiprocket, SingPost
    IndonesiaVR1 Express, Pantos Indonesia
    IndiaIndia Post
    JapanYamato, Ecohai, Kuroneko Mail, Nekopos, Sagawa, Yu-Pack
    ChinaYTO Express, SF Express, Leny Express
    South KoreaHanjin (KR), Kyoungdong, KoreaPost, Ilyang, Korea Express, Logen (KR), Daesin, ChainLogis, EFS
    Hong KongCarrybees, Hong Kong Post
    Other Nations DHL Express, FEDEX Mail
    Agency for customs clearance reporting for import/export South Korea Yuhan Technos, Sungwon Global Cargo
    Hong Kong KOCHINA
    Agency for sending text messages and CS South Korea M&Wise, LGUplus, ㈜채널코퍼레이션, ㈜ 다우기술
    Other Nations Wavecell-sg, FortDigital, Wavecell-global, RapidSMS
  • 4. Providing Personal Information to Third Parties

    QXPRESS uses personal information within the extent notified in Article 1. Items of Personal Information to be Collected and Purpose of Collection and Use, and where it has to provide personal information to any third parties, it obtains the approval under the legislation: Provided, that the same shall not apply to exceptions in which the relevant personal information can be provided without any separate consent pursuant to the provisions of the relevant legislation.

    These details of provision are the details for which separate consents have been obtained in the parcel delivery service app, and information of any user who has not separately agreed on provision of his/her information to any third party will not be provided.

  • 5. Privacy Officer

    QXPRESS has a privacy officer in order to protect personal information of customers and to handle the complaints relating to personal information. If you have any inquiry relating to personal information, please contact the following person in charge. We will quickly and sincerely answer to the inquiries of customers.

    - Person in charge: Lee, Seon-Yong (Technical Service Management Div)

    - E-mail:

  • 6. How to Read and Correct Personal Information and Withdraw Consent

    1) User’s rights and method of exercising such rights
    A customer may at any time request access to, correction of, deletion of, or suspension of processing of his/her registered personal information. In the event that a customer intends to request access to, correction of, deletion of, or suspension of processing of his/her registered personal information, we will promptly take measures after identification process if he/she notifies in the relevant menu in the homepage or to the Customer Support Center (TEL: 02-2620-1100)

    In the event that a customer has requested correction of any error in his/her personal information, we do not use or provide the relevant personal information until completion of such correction. Also, if we already provided erroneous information to any third parties, we will take measures to ensure such correction is made by immediately notifying the result of correction to the relevant third parties.

    However, there are a few cases as below in which access to and correction of personal information are restricted
    ① Where it is worried that such access or correction may significantly harm the life, body, property or rights and benefits of the person himself/herself or any third person
    ② Where it is worried that such access or correction may cause significant disruption to the business of the relevant service providers
    ③ Where such access or correction is against the legislation, etc.

    2) Rights of children and their representatives and method of exercising such rights.
    QXPRESS is restricting signing up for membership and service use by children under 14 years.

  • 7. Installation and Operation of Automatic Collection Tool for Personal Information and Refusal Thereof

    1) QXPRESS operates cookies for convenience of homepage users. A cookie is a small text file sent to web browsers of customers by the website, which is stored in the PCs of customers. Cookies are used as the data for reorganization of services and providing differentiated information by analyzing the frequency of connection or visiting hours, etc. of customers, and cookies are also used to identify whether or not customers requested ‘No view’ for provision of pop-up information.

    Customers have the right to choose for installation of cookies, and may allow all cookies, have them go through confirmation whenever they are stored, or refuse storing of any cookie: Provided, that where a customer refuses installation of cookies, there may be some restriction in providing service.

    ① How to designate whether or not to allow cookies (in the case of using Internet Explorer)
    A. Select [Internet Option] in the [Tool Menu]
    B. Click [Personal Information Tab]
    C. Set the [Level of Protection of Personal Information]

    ② How to see the received cookies (in the case of using Internet Explorer)
    A. Select [Internet Option] in the [Tool Menu]
    B. Click [Setting] at [General Tab (Basic Tab)]
    C. Select [View Files]

    2) QXPRESS analyzes homepage uses of customers using Google Analytics which is the service provided by Google Inc. (hereinafter referred to as “Google”) in order to provide better service to data subjects. Information on behaviors of users is collected via Google Analytics, and if a user does not consent to information processing by Google, he/she may refuse information processing by Google by downloading and installing additional functions for the web browser of the user at Please see for the details of information processing by Google.

    3) QXPRESS intends to provide advertisement service to data subjects via Google AdMob. In order to provide the relevant service, Google AdMob collects unidentifiable behavior information such as cookies or mobile advertisement ID. Customers may refuse provision of information to Google AdMob by refusal of collection of advertisement ID in Environment Setting by OS in the mobile app.
    (Android OS : Setting → Google → cancellation of selection of ‘Ad-customized Setting’ at Advertisement, Apple iOS : Setting → Protection of Personal Information → setting ‘Restriction on Ad Tracking’ at Advertisement)
    In addition, unidentifiable behavior information collected as the above can be used for online advertisement by Google AdMob.

  • 8. Matters relating to Measures to Secure Safety of Personal Information

    1) Technical measures

    QXPRESS is taking the following technical measures to secure safety of personal information in order to prevent loss, theft, leakage, falsification, or damage of personal information in processing personal information of customers:

       ① Personal information of customers is protected by password, and we protect important data by separate security function using encryption of file
             and transmission data or encryption of files.
       ② QXPRESS is taking measures in order to prevent any damage by computer virus by using vaccine programs. Vaccine programs are periodically
             updated, and they prevent infringement of personal information by applying vaccines as soon as they are released when any unexpected
             virus appears.
       ③ QXPRESS is adopting a security system that can safely transmit personal information in the network using encryption algorithm.
       ④ QXPRESS is committed to security by using firewall system and server weakness analysis system, etc.

    2) Administrative measures

    QXPRESS has established and is enforcing the internal management plan in order to safely process personal information of customers.

       ① QXPRESS limits access privilege to customers’ information to the minimum number of persons and the relevant persons are as below:
                A. Persons performing marketing business directly with customers;
                B. Persons performing personal information protection business such as the privacy officer and persons in charge of privacy; and
                C. Other persons who should handle personal information under their duties.
       ② QXPRESS is implementing regular company training and outsourced training relating to acquisition of new security technology and obligation
             to protect personal information for employees handling personal information.
       ③ QXPRESS has prepared its internal procedures in order to prevent in advance leakage of information by persons through pledge of security of all
             employees prior to joining the Company and to audit fulfillment and compliance with the personal information processing policy by the staff.
       ④ Handover of duties of persons handling personal information is strictly performed in the state in which security is maintained, and the responsibility
             for any personal information accident after joining and leaving the Company is clarified.
       ⑤ Personal information and general data are separately stored using separate servers without comingling.
       ⑥ Access to computer room and data storage room is controlled by designating thereof as specially protected area.
       ⑦ In any other event that loss, leakage, falsification or damage of personal information is caused by the mistakes of internal manager or any
             accident in technical management, QXPRESS will immediately notify such fact to the customers and come up with appropriate measures and
             compensation: Provided, that QXPRESS is not responsible for any matters arising from any mistake of an individual customer or the fundamental
             risk of internet.

  • 9. Counseling and Report relating to Infringement of Personal Information

    If you need counseling or report for infringement of personal information, please get in touch with the e-mail or telephone of the privacy officer or inquire to Cyber Safety Keeper of the Korean National Police Agency, Cyber Investigation Division of the Supreme Prosecutors’ Office, Personal Information Infringement Report Center or Personal Information Dispute Mediation Committee.

    Category Homepage Telephone
    Cyber Investigation Bureau of the Korean National Police Agency (Without any area code) 182
    Cyber Investigation Division of the Supreme Prosecutors’ Office (Without any area code) 1301
    Personal Information Infringement Report Center (operated by Korea Internet & Security Agency) any area code) 118
    Personal Information Dispute Mediation Committee (operated by Personal Information Protection Committee) 02-1833-6972
  • 10. Department Receiving and Processing Requests for Access to Personal Information

    Data subject may request access to his or her own personal information under Article 35 of the Personal Information Protection Act to the following department. QXPRESS will endeavor for requests for access to personal information by data subjects to be quickly processed.

    ▶ Department receiving and processing requests for access to personal information for parcel delivery service

       1. Department name: Situation Management Team
       2. Contact information: 02-2620-1100 /

  • 11. Obligation of Public Announcement following Policy Change

    This Personal Information Processing Policy was initially established on Oct. 7, 2021, and its contents may be added, deleted or amended due to change in the legislation or policy of the government, security technology or any other cause, and in such cases, the reasons for and contents of the change will be publicly announced via the homepage no later than 7 days prior to amendment of the Personal Information Processing Policy to be amended.

    Version of the Personal Information Processing Policy: v1

    Enforcement date of the Personal Information Processing Policy: Nov. 1, 2021