Qxpress Smart Cargo Service - For International cargo transaction.

- Simple and reliable Qxpress international freight service

Select transportation type

Select the desired shipping route.

Shipping Schedule

Check the shipping schedule
** Check the freight shipping schedule through Qxpress Smart cargo service.

Cargo weight or volume information

Estimated Shipping Weight/Volume (Kg/CBM) 설명 Guide
** Please enter the weight/volume value to calculate the detailed shipping cost.
If you do not enter it, the fee will be calculated based on the default input value.
Transportation Type Vessel / Airplane / Truck Name Booking Colosed Port Arrival Deadline Departure Destination Estimated Freight Cost select

Request Smart Cargo Service

  • [ Smart Cargo Consultation Request ]
    - Qxpress manager direct contact

    automatically entered in the consultation information input screen at the bottom  Please check the shipment schedule information and cargo CBM / Kg information.
    - If there is no schedule for the section you want to ship, it is displayed in the lower area.   Please enter section / weight or volume information briefly.
    - We will contact you within 24 hours after confirming the consultation with Qxpress Smart Cargo manager.

    * Qx Freight Trade Team will contact you ASAP.

  • >]Direct entry of Smart Cargo information ]
    - Select Incustoms and cargo information

    [ Product information input guide ]

    - Enter product information after selecting the packaging box number.
    - After selecting a product category, enter basic product information.
    - If you select a product with a shipping history in the past, information is automatically entered when you select it from the product list.

    * The smart cargo system automatically generates
       the required documents from the information entered by the user.

  • Direct Document Upload
    - The Invoice / Packing List File

    - Easy application by uploading invoice and packing list.
    - We will contact you after confirming the registration document in QX Cargo Manager.
    - QX Cargo staff will inform you of detailed flight conditions and costs.

    * Qx Freight Trade Team will contact you ASAP.