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Welcome to Smart Cargo Service – Simple Estimation

Cargo Shipping Route

Transportation Type

Schedule 설명 The selected date is the departure date of ships and aircraft. Goods must arrive at the port/airport or designated location 2 days prior to the departure date.

Shipping Expected Cargo Kg / CBM 설명 Please enter the volume or weight information of the product to be shipped. Based on the information entered, we will provide you with an estimated net shipping cost calculation.

Departure date
Departure place
Estimated Shipment Volume ( CBM )
Estimated shipping cost

* Estimated shipping cost based on net weight and volume. Additional incidental charges are not included in the export/import customs clearance process.

· Complex export/import process is simplified.
· Use the expert coordination service provided by QXPRESS
Please leave the information below, QXPRESS will contact you within 2 hours on weekdays
· If you have a Smartship ID, you can directly apply for a professional cargo.
· Users can systematically manage shipments.
· If you register only once, you can easily resend the regular cargo.
  QXPRESS Cody will help you complete your application.

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* The Easy Fare Calculator only provides shipping rates based on freight weight/volume. Incidental expenses incurred in the process of other export and import are not included.
* If you are a member of Smartship, you can manage more detailed estimates and applications.

* Logistics specialist will contact the applicant within 2 hours on working date.