Qxpress Notice
Qxpress Facebook Post - Qxpress API 2020-10-15 오후 6:04:44

1.         Please read carefully our developer’s guide;

2.         What APIs you can use

a.         CreateOrder

                              i.     For Local Delivery Orders
- Mobile Number: 8 digits starting with 8 or 9
- Postal Code must tally with the street name and the block no

                            ii.     For International Delivery Order
- Item information must be provided more accurately.
- Item picture or web page link should be provided

                          iii.     Your Reference Number can’t be allowed to use in duplicated.

b.         2 Options to print the Qxpress Waybill

                              i.     Print from SmartShip

                            ii.     Your own Customized Waybill can be printed from your system
- Refer to the Waybill Design Guide in the Developer’s guide
- Must be approved by Qxpress before Go-Live

c.          DeleteOrder: Cancel a delivery order

d.         Tracking: Can retrieve whole history of tracking status per each Tracking No.

e.         GetShippingInfo: Can retrieve the delivery fee and others fixed by Qxpress

3.         Ask Qxpress to generate your API Key

4.         Go Live !