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Quick Service Rates and Info 2020-09-23 오전 11:55:33

Dear Valued Customer,

We thank you for using our standard delivery service, we are pleased to announce that the Quick service is already available in Smartship.


Quick Service Rates

Service Type Description  Standard Parcels From SmartShip  Weight Size


 (Time Slot Service) 

Basic Fee < 5.0 Km  SG$5.99

 Max Per Parcel 30 Kg

 Max Per Parcel 200cm (L+W+H) 
 Distance Surcharge   5.0 Km >    SG$0.50 per Km


Total distance is 10km

(5km x SG$0.50 = SG$2.50) + SG$5.99 = SG$8.49


Delivery Time Slot 10am to 1pm
1pm to 4pm
4pm to 7pm
7pm to 10pm


1. Service fee will be deducted after driver successfully scanned and collected from the sender
2. Each time slot cut off time is 1 hour before the starting of the time slot 
3. All parcel will only have 1 attempt for collection and delivery
4. Service day: Monday to Sunday excluded Public Holiday
5. Collection timing will be able to show in the system once the job is created 

6. If any case the receiver is not at home during the attempt;

- Driver will contact the buyer and this will depend how long the receiver will be back home as our waiting timing is 2min to 3min.

- If there is no response from the receiver, driver will contact the sender to instruction when to return the parcel (free service) or dispose the parcel

7. If there is any damage during or after delivered due to mishandling, Qxpress will compensate up to SG$300 per parcel base on the amount declare.


Why QX Quick?     Why not others?
We can deliver up to 200cm (L+W+H)! Can only send up to 100cm 
We can deliver up to 30kg! Can only send up to 20kg
We can deliver Islandwide! Can only send to certain zones
 We can deliver food & perishable items!  Can only send general commodities
 We can compensate up to SG$300 per parcel!   Can only compensate up to SG$200 


The General Term & Conditions of Qxpress should be applied.


If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact or email us at:



Thank You!


Qxpress Pte Ltd